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Request a quote

With this form you can request a quote. Please enter at least your name and e-mail address or telephone number so that we can contact you. 

In order to be able to issue a good quote, we preferably need the following information:

  • Pick-up address + Type of home (if applicable due to, for example, a removal lift)

  • Delivery address + Type of home (if applicable due to, for example, removal lift)

  • Details regarding address if applicable (including accessibility for trucks and findability)

  • Contacts and (mobile) phone numbers

  • If car/motorcycle/scooter: which brand/type?

  • When would you prefer to have it picked up and delivered?

  • Can you deliver and/or collect yourself at the relevant depots?

  • Can you already give an estimate of the number of m3 and/or number of pallets?


Thank you in advance!

Thanks for submitting!

The conditions of the AVC and CMR apply to our transports
You can view/download a copy below.

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